Refractory Installation

  • Refractory Installation and Repair

    BST provides experienced refractory installation and repair team for your specific application. With our long journey in refractory manufacturer, we incorporate our R&D knowledge in selecting the best refractory for each of your different application. Therefore, you can be sure that your furnace is install with well selected materials and correct installation methods which will result in lower running cost and highest durability.

    BST has done various installation job for different type of boiler in different industry including sugar plant, palm oil plant, power plant and paper plant.

    Industrial Furnace
    At BST each of experienced installation team will be selected for different types of work. We have done installation for different types of furnace including reheating furnace, incinerator, galvanizing bath, cement kiln, carbonization stove, biomass stove, activated carbon kiln, and gasifier stove.