Product Miscellaneous

  • BST provides wide range of insulation material including rockwool, calcium silicate board, ceramic fiber , etc. These materials has low thermal conductivity and would help preserve energy in your heat application.

    Calcium Silicate Board

    Calcium Silicate Board is suitable to use as an insulation for 650 – 1100 C°. It is a low density board which is usually used as back up lining for furnace, insulation for a fire proof door, fireproof ceiling.

    Ceramic Fiber

    Ceramic Fiber has a property that can endure heat at high temperature (1000– 1600 C°) Our premium grade ceramic fiber used at high temperature (above 1400 C° ) are made from aluminosilicate and Zirconium.


    BST provides different types of rockwool. Those difference are in size, density, with mesh and without mesh, blanket/board, with foil or without foil. Please contact our refractory consultant to help you select your best rockwool types.

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