Castable Refractories

  • 1) Conventional Castable

    • Normal strength castable suitable for general casting, high mechanical and abrasive resistance.
    • Extra strength castable excellent for high mechanical strength.
    • Thermal shock resistance castable (coarse grain castable) high mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.
    • Light Weight castable casting in the area that need to be proteced from heat losses.

    2) High Alumina Low Cement Castable

    • Normal low cement castable high mechnical strength low shrinkage abrasive resistance and good thermal shock resistance.

    3) Special Application Type of Castable

    • Alumina-Chrome castable high mechical strength at high temperature, high slag penetration and abrasive resistance.

    • Casting an alternative to fireclay and high alumina brick for application such as glass furnaces, EAF, reheating – furnace, tapping spout, aluminium and jewelry kiln.
    • Application for cyclone preheated of cement kiln, ceramic kiln, ash coal, hoppers coal and incinerators.
    • Casting an alternative to high alumina brick at EAF roof core, burner block, nose ring and kiln load.

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